is an online-service for health promotion which was tailored specifically for people aged 65years and older. HASICplus was developed by an international team of experts from universities all over Europe. With HASICplus a holistic approach to health promotion is pursued which embraces physical, mental and social well-being. HASICplus can support you in achieving a healthy lifestyle, meaningful social interaction and emotional well-being. HASICplus does not only supply information, but also provides you with specific guidance and recommendations to support you in accomplishing those changes you desire. HASICplus is an online-service free of charge, which was developed as part of an EU-project and is continually financed by the participating universities.

The heart of HASICplus

is the „health course“. In the health course you will find modules with learning and practice opportunities for several areas connected to your health: healthy lifestyle, social interaction and emotional well-being. All in all 12 modules are available. You decide which of these modules you work on, you can also choose the order and the duration of your activity with each module. For most people working on a module for one week will probably be recommendable, but if a module is of particular interest or importance for you, feel free to engage for a longer period of time.

To use HASICplus

you need to register. As the various modules of the health course are connected you will need to register once as a participant, with a user name of your choice. With this name you can then log on for each session. If you like, you can register anonymously with a made-up name. However, if you want to use the “neighbourhood support”, which is part of the “local services”, you will have to register with your name and correct address. You can access the login and your personal settings via the button “my HASIC+”.

HASICplus also includes

… a local service. Here, in the spirit of active neighbourhood support, you can offer your support to people in your community or ask other members for assistance.

… a virtual get-together. In this chat-forum you can talk about issues which are on your mind and exchange experiences with other HASICplus-participants.

HASIC means

Healthy Aging Supported by Internet and Community. HASIC is an EU-funded project with the aim of developing health promoting opportunities for elderly people. The groups for health promotion, which are offered in various towns and cities, are one part of this concept. HASICplus is the online component, which is not tied to any specific region and can be used from any location. HASICplus is available in German, English, Finnish and Dutch.
More information concerning the overall HASIC project can be accessed at www.hasicproject.eu.