Information on the HealthCourse

The HealthCourse is a structured programme which aims to support you in maintaining or improving your health. How can I achieve a healthy lifestyle? How can I overcome loneliness and shape social contact with like-minded people? How can I maintain or improve my psychological wellbeing? All of these topics have their place in the HealthCourse. However the aim is not only imparting knowledge but especially to support you in setting forth to change your behaviours through individual guidance, feedback and training exercises.

In order to be able to participate in the HealthCourse, you have to register just once at MYHasic+. You can provide us with your personal data (name, address, etc.), but you are not required to. It is sufficient if a user name and a password is chosen and gender and age is specified.

The HealthCourse includes three sub-ordinates in which several units can be processed into different contents. You can determine to change or edit the order of topics yourself.

Here is an overview of the topics

  1. Healthy lifestyle
    • Healthy diet
    • Exercise
    • Alcohol
  2. Emotional Well-being
    • Self-management - identify and solve problems, decision-making, plan and schedule changes – Take it under control!
    • Resilience– Fortify and increase your inner resistance!
  3. Social Interaction
    • Everyone needs social relations!

Healthy Lifestyle


Emotional Well-being


Social Interaction