The Way of Healthy Eating

Surely you have eaten comfortably in front of the telly before – maybe a bowl of ice cream, a packet of chips or a bar of chocolate. Maybe you have also been shopping on an empty stomach and made the experience that you bought products on a whim which you did not actually need…
And a completely different question: when was the last time you savoured a delicious meal and a glass of wine?
In this module we would like to introduce you to various aspects concerning healthy eating behaviour. And an essential part of eating healthy is most certainly pleasure and indulgence! So how about starting this module by reading our recommendations and pointers on healthy and joyful eating!

Healthy food habits are worthwhile!

Healthy nutrition is more than eating the recommended foods. It certainly also includes aspects such as regular mealtimes and well-balanced energy consumption. The surroundings also have an impact, for example whether you are easily distracted or whether you often eat something between meals, possibly without even noticing it. And last but not least, the question of whether you are able to really enjoy your meal and to consciously take pleasure in it is of importance.

3 or 5 meals?

So what is better? Our recommendation: give both options a whirl and find out what suit you best. The most important thing is that you eat regularly. Whether the 3 meals a day pattern suits your daily routine or whether you get grumpy if you do not get 5 meals a day strongly differs from person to person.
The important thing is that the daily energy intake – irrespective of whether you eat 3 or 5 meals – corresponds to your individual reference value. And once more: regularity is of the essence!
By the way, the issue of which amount of daily energy intake is adequate for you will be discussed in the 2nd dietary module.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Chocolate, crisps, winegums? Are these the things you cannot keep your hands off? Maybe you help yourself to sweets or snacks when on the sofa watching television? Or you have a bowl with goodies standing around the house? If you recognize yourself in these descriptions it could be that your energy intake is a little too high. After completing the questionnaire you will be offered some possibilities of how to handle this.

Do you often eat by yourself?

If this is not the case then everything is fine! Eating in company , as a couple or with friends and family, will put you in high spirits. Maybe you could also prepare the food together. Eating a meal should not degenerate to solely achieving ingestion but should be a happy and pleasurable occasion!

So what is your situation?

To enable you to take a closer look at your food habits we have prepared a questionnaire. It will support you in identifying favourable and disadvantageous behaviours, which is the first step to adapting you food habits – if necessary.

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