Eating and Pleasure

7 rules of indulgence

There is one aspect which should never be forgotten, namely the importance of enjoyment when eating. To gorge down a meal may lead to discomfort, but first and foremost it is also unhealthy. So increase your well-being and your health by enjoying! The following cues may be of help:

1. Pleasure requires time

Pleasure is not possible under time pressure. It is vital to take the time to experience your food and to enjoy it.

2. Pleasure is permitted

Whether pleasure is possible is influenced by the surroundings, your upbringing and also whether you yourself allow it. Many people feel ashamed and do not dare to pamper themselvers. It is important to identify "pleasure-bans" and to get rid of them.

3. Pleasure is not done on the side

In order to enjoy, your attention must be concentrated on the experience. Multitasking is not an option. If you attend to many things at the same time you will indulge of none of the occupations. Indulging in a meal while watching the telly is impossible. If you want to experience real indulgence you need to be involved in nothing else.

4. Knowing what is good for you

Pleasure is different for each person as are the causes. It is important to find out which activities you enjoy and at which time. Try identifying pleasurable sitautions in your daily life.

5. Less is more

Indulgence is not caused by quantity. A larger amount is not also more pleasure. Quantity will not become quality. A vast offer may even inhibit indulgence. Especially if you become accustomed to the luxury. Pleasure is dependant on the perception, therefore small things can lead to a high level of pleasure if they are noticed. Many people think that the higher the consumption the higher the indulgence becomes, but that is wrong.

6.Pleasure requires experience

You can experience pleasure with all your senses. This requires sophisticated senses. It is always possible, independent of age and time, to train your senses. Only by getting to know the taste and smell of new spices and herbs, will you be able to savour these in a meal.

7. Pleasure is part of the day-to-day

Special events are not necessary to experience pleasure. Pleasure should be part of a normal day, and not only experienced during festivities. It is important to find beautiful and pleasant things within your daily routines (such as the smell of coffee or freshly baked bread).

Of course these rules do not only apply to eating, but to everything in life!

Requirements for enjoying your food:

  • Company and convivality: Emotional aspects are important for pleasure. Eating together as a couple or with friends or family is much more fun and increases indulgence
  • Take the time: Not being under time pressure and finding the time to take a break and to focus on eating as important requirements for enjoyment
  • Taste (quality of the ingredients): To-quality ingredients and preparation increase the taste and thereby the pleasure.
  • Arranging to meal: In order to appeal to all the senses, food should please the eye. A beautifully arranged plate will stimulate indulgence.
  • Relaxed Atmosphere: An appealing atmosphere can be created by thoughtful table decoration.
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