Adequate drinking is essential for well-being and health!

The importance of water for health

Sufficient and varied drinking is key for physical and mental performance as well as for your well-being. Additionally beverages can also provide you with minerals and vitamins.

The body of an adult consists of approximately 60% water. However, with increasing age the percentage decreases to 40-50%. Water is a component of nutrients as well as being of importance for dissolving and transporting nutrients. A balanced water intake is therefore very important for the organism. As we continuously excrete water via the kidneys and due to breathing and sweating, it is essential to supply the body with sufficient amounts of water.

Dehydration and consequences

The organism is dependent on a functioning water balance. Even small water deficits can lead to diminished well-being and performance. “Being out of sorts”, tiredness and headaches can be the first indicators of dehydration. More severe symptoms include deficiencies in concentration, confusion, memory issues and problems with digestion.

Why is drinking of particular importance for older persons?

Dehydration occurs more often with increasing age. This is due to many factors. One important cause is the decreasing perception of thirst. Issues such as avoiding the visit to the toilet, or drinking less in the misconception of thereby avoiding incontinence or prostate pain or because of difficulty swallowing. In some cases drinking may just be forgotten.

Besides the low liquid intake with age fluid loss increases. This is due to the diminished ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine leading to higher fluid output. Also higher levels of sweating as well as health conditions such as vomiting and diarrhoea and medication with diuretics or laxatives can lead to increased fluid losses.

Through thirst the body signals a lack of fluid. However, with increasing age the perception of thirst diminishes and the fluid shortage may not be recognized. At the same time less fluids are consumed. This can quickly lead to dehydration of the body.

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