Appropriate amount and beverages

How much should I drink?

Guiding value: 1.5 litres a day

In general it is assumed that the amount of 1.5 litres covers the daily fluid requirement of elderly persons. Of course some of the liquids are also consumed via solid foods (fruit, vegetables, soups etc.), but the most part needs to be actively ingested in the form of beverages.

What should I drink?

The following beverages are well advised

  • Water (tap or bottled),
  • Juices (fruit or veg) and juice spritzers (juice mixed with sparkling water)
  • Fruit or herbal tea (without sweetener)

Coffee and tea are not a suitable option to quench thirst, but may be counted a fluid intake. It is a common misconception that beverage with caffeine lead to dehydration. In general, enjoying of up to four cups of coffee a day is reasonable.

Practical Tips

  • Keep a varied supply of beverage for which you have a preference.
  • Always have your daily amount of beverages readily available.
  • Make it a habit to drink with your meals and try accustomizing yourself to “drinking rituals” such as a cup of coffee in the afternoon, 5 o' clock tea, a glass of water or juice to begin your day..
  • Positioning you beverages at places you often frequent or which you like to spend time in your home, will remind you to drink.
  • Try noting down reminders ("remember to drink!") and attach them to the fridge or a cupboard.
  • Set an alarm clock to remind you to drink. The alarm could go off every half hour or hour reminding you to drink a glass.
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